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The disability movement hopes that whatever the outcome of the Inquiry conceives, that if weakness is found in the protection of Dr Giraldi Home users that these should be addressed.

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Disability Movement Puts Things Right

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement on the day on International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the movement has come out strongly on disability issues.

On International Day of Persons with Disabilities the movement emphasizes that it is sadden the way political party or parties has used this day as a political party smash-up.

Although the day should have been observed with the theme “Removing barriers to create an inclusive and accessible society for all” it seems when it comes down to political parties damaging others, seems to feel better.

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has also come out as GGR has done on the announcement of government statement that it has appointed Sir Jonathan Parker to chair an Inquiry into allegations of mismanagement, misconduct and malpractice, including abuse at Dr Giraldi Home as alleged by Joanna Hernandez..

The Disability Movement adds this has been long awaited for.


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National Day With Disability

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement have welcomed the news that provisions this year have been made to include the disabled to Gibraltar National Day; the movement believes that this year's celebrations will be fully enjoyed by all the Gibraltarians and none alike.

The Determination for Gibraltar Group (SDGG) and that of The Ministry of Culture with the corroboration of The Honourable Samantha Sacramento of Social Services have emphasised the importance that the events must be available to all the community to celebrate. .

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Commonwealth e-Accessibility Summit Focuses on Disability

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Gibraltar Government PRESS RELEASE Date: 28th August 2012

Gibraltar will be represented at the Commonwealth e-Accessibility Summit in London on the 30th and 31st of this month. The Hon Gilbert Licudi QC, MP and the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP will attend the Summit whose aim is to assess issues surrounding the inclusion of disability into national Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) agendas throughout Commonwealth Governments. Also attending the Summit will be Commonwealth ICT Ministers, CEOs of Private Sector Companies and Civil Society Organisations, and representatives of International Organisations. .

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement Recognizes This Year’s Budget As One Of The Best The Disabled Has Ever Had In Gibraltar

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Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has come out today with its reaction on the budget, the movement hopes more time and recourse will be put into disability issues.

The assistance offered as part of the budget 2012 will certainly have a direct impact and is welcomed. Its measures will solve many problems and hardship within the community. The movement hopes the increase in management resources within the social services agency will bring further improvements and lead to the quicker and more effective resolution of issues. .

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Eyes Open On Abuse In Gibraltar

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The Gibraltar local disability movement has come out today in reaction on the sexual abuse court case where the former head of a children’s care home in Gibraltar was jailed for six years on sexually abusing two young girls over a period spanning five decades.

The movement has found this to be a scandalous behaviour on someone who’s trust was upon in the care and protection of young children. Although the sexual abuse started in 1956 in this case as we know it, the GLDM will like to think that measures have been put in place so that it will never happen again. The disability movement believe that we must not be complacent and we have to be on guard as it is the vulnerable people that need our help and even protection.

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A general election maybe on the horizon and it’s time to make sure that you have your say on the issues that matter to you.

The Gibraltar local disability movement in anticipation of the general election is seeking you for your opinion. The movement is asking you to send your questions and also what you would like to see in the political parties manifesto.

The idea behind it all a spokesperson of the GLDM adds: That in anticipation of the general election it would be a good idea and helpful not just for the movement but also for the political parties to know what peoples anticipation would be in Gibraltar for our next government on disability issues.

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The Equality Act 2010 legislation replaces the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)

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On Fri 01/10/2010 The Equality Act 2010 came into force and will replace the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Equality Act 2010 (‘the Act’) provides protection from discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics in a wide range of circumstances, including in work, access to services and the functions of public bodies, premises, education and associations.

The Gibraltar local disability movement series of questions describes the various elements which need to be considered in determining whether a person has a disability in Gibraltar as it is inadequate, and failing to protect the disabled community in Gibraltar.

Disabled people are also less likely, than their non disabled peers to think that the Criminal Justice System (CJS) is fair when it comes down to disability in Gibraltar...:..........Continue Reading >>>


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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has had to come out this week in protest to the conditions that disabled people in Gibraltar are being subjected to.

A spokesperson of the GLDM has come out today with a strong statement where spokesman Mr Gordon Nelson adds, “ Many changes have been going on in Gibraltar and it is sad that disability only comes out in the forefront when it suits to enhance the requirements of any public servants or the public.”

Mr Nelson has received many unhappy emails to the Gibraltar Local Disability Movement where disabled people have found comfort and relief in trying to alleviate their anxiety. Mr Nelson from the disability movement highlights several particulars the movement has received.

Relating to one person the local disability movement received an email of which is not a one off situation this happens more and more often Mr Nelson ads.

Sadly we received mail where a man unnecessarily was experiencing a very hard time trying to gain access to his car even at a point of being hailed a barge of insults to his person. The man mail told us the following. ............Continue Reading >>>

Thumbs up to GTA

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement praises the achievement of the Gibraltar Taxi Association

The disability movement has for a number of years expressed its thoughts to the Gibraltar Taxi Association on taxi availably for the disabled.
Commenting on this the GLDM spokesman ads,

“It has been a long time coming and we are very happy and we praise the actions by the Taxi Association and we give it a thumb up. The Disability Movement has been receiving emails and phone calls for years by tourist’s visitors to Gibraltar asking about disabled transport and we are sure that the services will be in high demand by tourist.”
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