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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement website has been running from June 27, 2005. The website has help many users who has entered the site by given them a platform to voice the views that they may have, or requesting information or help. Anxiety, fear, anguish, and frustration, can be distressing to all. Having nowhere to enquire or obtain relevant information or help can be an ordeal, that is why this website has been set up.

We have been a movement as far back as 1985; although we were inactive in 1990's this was only due to the formation of a group we formed with our membership and others namely named as Gibraltar Disability Awareness And Information Group which was officially open in 1997. The aim of this group was to offer information on disability to all of whom may need it. Also one of the main aims was to bring to the forefront issues on disability by contacting a Disability Awareness Day and going to schools and holding takes on disability to students. Also the group offered the government of Gibraltar help and support on the pavement ramps and the pedestrianism of Main Street. In 1996 four members of the Gibraltar Disability Group visited Warrington for the opening of DAD fun day and paid courtesy calls to centers on disability and Mayor of Warrington.

By the end of 2000 it had become apparent to many of us, that disability issues needed to be addressed as many had found that groups, or societies, had became distant. The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement (GLDM) that seeks to improve the lives of disabled people, and to promote equal opportunities and tackle disabled discrimination, also to offer help and support in Gibraltar found that it had to reactive its services and facilities for the disabled and family in 2000 to address the situation for disabled people in Gibraltar which did not see great improvement for several years.

The GLDM point of reference was manly by phone and person to person contact In 2005 the local disability movement found that it could offer a more effective serves by being on the World Wide Web, this offering a more accessible and also extend serves to all. The GLDM with its presence on the internet also offering information and help, it has found that it has opened its boundary to the world. The GLDM, thanks to the internet, has been also offering help, information and support to many from around the world who needed to know how accessible Gibraltar is and the where's to get there needs.

In these years the GLDM has been active on many issues and has been proactive in the EU, the Air transport: rights of persons with reduced mobility. The GLDM presented a formal Petition to the European Parliament was one of the main issues.

On Monday 6th march 2006 The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement submitted a formal complaints procedure with legal implications to the EU concerning the use of air travel by disabled and persons with reduced mobility. The movement has received a letter from the European Union Committee on Petitions were it informs that The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement Petition is admissible.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement sent a mail to Mr D Hook P Private Secretary to the Chief Minister asking him that a structure of disability rights and benefits needed to be done in Gibraltar. D Hook P Private Secretary to the Chief Minister, he stated his apologies for the long delay in replying to us and the he has asked the Ministry of Social Affairs to write to us setting out in detail the structure of disability rights and benefits as it exists in Gibraltar. In 15th of May 2008 A Guide for Disabled People was issued with the help of the GLDM.

GLDM has also hosted visiting youngster's to basketball, football, summing, and other activities, a particular circumstances with this visit was that this group of kids were deaf.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement met unexpectedly with X. The nature was about a Gibraltar born lady at an age of 49, who comes to Gibraltar on a holiday, who is dyeing of cancer and was being treated like dirt so she told us, by British airways which could be her last trip to Gibraltar. The GLDM made a compliant to British airways and X received an apologue.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has been always been putting forward its concerns, whether be sending press release sending letters or in meetings.

We are here for you!, we found that People with a disabled member in their family and disabled persons ask for nothing special. All that they ask for is a standard of living, and when an issue is identified it should be put right

The General functions of The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement
(a) To work towards the elimination of discrimination against disabled persons;
(b) To promote the equalisation of opportunities for disabled persons;
(c) To take such steps as it considers appropriate with a view to encouraging good practice in the treatment of disabled persons;
(d) Make proposals or give other advice to any Ministers as to any aspect of the law or a proposed change to the law ;
(e) Make proposals or give other advice to any Government agency or other public authority as to the practical application of any law;
(f) Work towards the elimination of discrimination against - and equalise opportunities for - people with disabilities. It will also promote good practice to employers and service providers, provide advice and information and advise the Government about the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act.

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement
"Our Success Is A function Of Determination And Ability"


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