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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement website was established in June 27, 2005, aiming to give people a platform to voice their views on local disability issues, and providing a source of information on disabled issues. The G.L.D.M. seeks to improve the lives of disabled people and member in their family with help, information and support.

This website contents is not all about disability it also about being able to enjoy what the internet has to offer. On this site local and world news can be found, Entertainment, with our live webcam and other cams, music with our radio, plus we offer cams, music, TV, from around the world. Disability issues can be found on this site but the intention or desire of the making of this site was and still is, that we had to have a website were all can have the ability to use the site even by solely using a keyboard, The site had to have accessibility guidelines in all consideration but without taken away the enjoyment of the internet, the site had to have intellectual, scientific, and philosophical contents and offer and provide all with information and support, in addition give the users a platform where they can voice their opinions.

The General functions of The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement


Spokesperson of GLDM adds, if The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement is called upon by the Inquiry it will be more than happy to cooperate with the board of Inquiry.

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has also come out as GGR has done on the announcement of government statement that it has appointed Sir Jonathan Parker to chair an Inquiry into allegations of mismanagement, misconduct and malpractice, including abuse at Dr Giraldi Home as alleged by Joanna Hernandez.

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National Day With Disability

The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement have welcomed the news that provisions this year have been made to include the disabled to Gibraltar National Day; the movement believes that this year's celebrations will be fully enjoyed by all the Gibraltarians and none alike

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Commonwealth e-Accessibility Summit Focuses on Disability

Gibraltar will be represented at the Commonwealth e-Accessibility Summit in London on the 30th and 31st of this month. The Hon Gilbert Licudi QC, MP and the Hon Samantha Sacramento MP will attend the Summit.

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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement Recognizes This Year’s Budget As One Of The Best The Disabled Has Ever Had In Gibraltar

Gibraltar Local Disability Movement has come out with its reaction on the budget, the movement hopes more time and recourse will be put into disability issues.

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Soon we hope you can Join us with Minister for Equality and Social Services for Social Affairs The Hon Samantha Sacramento where those with a question or a problem or even a suggestion could have access to post it. and of course Minister replying to them too!

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We are committed

We are committed to maintaining a website that exhibits the following characteristics;

We believe that information is intrinsically a valuable commodity, and that all information should be free, and freely available. We absolutely endorse and comply with all regulations prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or age, and we shall make no discrimination of any kind on our website.

Our website will be free of pornography and/or sexual adult content, so as to be appropriately accessible to people of all ages.

Access to our website will remain free and not require any payment, subscription or membership to acces it.

Our website will remain family friendly, and be suitable and appropriate for people of any age or sensitivity.

We are very strong supporters of free speech and free expression and resist any attempts of governments to impose limits on what can be said on the web. Therefore, we allow content that many of the larger websites might not. This is not to say that we allow anything and everything. But we believe strongly that the web belongs to the people of the world, and that it transcends governmental control.

We realise that we are human and therefore prone to error. We welcome constructive feedback, contributions from others, as to ways of improving our website, or of correcting errors and omissions.
















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